About Mint Design

At Mint, we’ve been developing good design for the sake of creating business solutions that meet our clients’ goals and expectations for years. Our eye for creating elegantly simple and aesthetically pleasing solutions is driven by your needs.

Bryan and Justi of Mint Design

We’ve worked at large studios and marketing agencies. We’ve seen from the inside the challenges they face. Rarely do the solutions to their problems work in favor of you, the customer. High overhead costs are simply built in to contract values, and corners are cut to adhere to a budget. And when cost is the driver, the end product suffers in the back seat. As a small boutique agency, we’re not subject to these problems. Additionally, we learned what it takes to be successful from those big design houses and agencies, but employ that knowledge at a scale that just about any company can afford.

Being a traveler on the web can be fatiguing. Every site is ‘optimized’, yet they’re vastly different from each other. A web visitor’s attention span is shorter than ever. What you need in your brand is a palate cleanser; something that cuts through the competing flavors. You need design and materials that don’t get in the way of your message and what’s important to you as a business, whether that’s content or ecommerce. Good design cuts through the noise, and with a fresh, elegant, minty solution we leave the viewer with only the message you want to convey.

We are Mint Design Company, and if you’re interested in experiencing what a lot of attention from good people and a good agency can bring, contact us today.