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Mint Design Company is the affordable solution for those seeking top-quality logo design, print layout or web design in Lancaster, PA.

Owned and operated out of their home office in East Petersburg, Mint Design is the brainchild of husband and wife duo Bryan Shaffer and Justina Kadylak. By choosing to work out of their home the lack of overhead helps keep costs down, and allows them to work unorthodox hours (often very late for Bryan).

Bryan and Justi met while attending Clarion University of Pennsylvania where they both earned BFAs with a concentration in Graphic Art. Both have been working in either print design, marketing or website design since graduation in 2001.

Bryan is a QA Analyst for a leading email marketing company by day and works on Mint Design's graphic design projects primarily in the evenings and on weekends. His strengths rest in web design and search engine optimization.

Justi balances her time between being a stay at home mom and an accomplished print and logo designer. Her strengths lie in the creative aspects of logo design, print design and page layout.

Together they complete a well-balanced team, dedicated to providing their clients with affordable, top-quality design.

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Client List

Precious Image Photography
Sigma Sigma Sigma
Butler Dek Hockey
Studio Two 20 Two
Inspired by Design
Rhino Contracting
The Cove Fishery & Grille
Simply Silks
Blessed Images Photography
Teaco Laboratories
Lavery Creative
Golf to Gulf Specialty Company
Diplomas Now Detroit High School
Chicago Talent Development High School
Miami-based Artist John Bailly
BlĂș Fusion Restaurant
Darryl Equipment
Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster
Ristaurante Da Vinci
Avis Insurance
Trinity Massage Therapy
The Studio Gallery
New Horizon Mortgage Company
Cathy O'Clarke's Irish Pub
Royal Palm Hammock Restaurant
Starving Artist Canvas Company
Bleackbear Workshops
Coastal Breeze News
Detroit Collegiate Prep
The Good Phight











We've worked with Mint Design to develop student recruitment materials for high schools we've opened in Detroit and Chicago. Bryan really helped us capture the mission and vision of our schools in the design of the materials. We've received numerous compliments from our students, parents, and community partners on the materials developed by Mint Design. Mint Design has also helped us make adjustments and developed new materials on short notice. Finally, for a nonprofit with a tight budget, we appreciated that Mint did great work at very competitive prices. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Dr. Douglas Elmer
Diplomas Now Initiative
Johns Hopkins University

Bryan and Justi at Mint Design went above and beyond the call of duty to design my business logo and website. They really listened to me and helped create my vision for the site. I think Bryan is an excellent web designer because he was very patient with my many requests, changes, and worked very hard to make certain I was happy with the final product. Bryan and Justi are reliable, creative, open-minded, and easy going. I enjoyed working with Mint Design because I felt I could count on them to work hard to give me a final product I could be proud of, and I am.

Michelle Schaffel
Principal Redesigner and Owner
Inspired by Design

I had the pleasure of sub-contracting some work to Bryan at Mint Design this past winter in order to help alleviate some of my workload. Bryan had never worked in the Wordpress format before, but was recommended to me as someone more than capable of learning quickly. We talked one evening, I gave him some action items, and within a week he had finished all of the work with more detail and skill than I would have. Bryan's the type of person who loves to challenge himself to find solutions, and to teach himself new things. That trait has made him a very capable and dynamic freelancer who does high quality work in a very timely fashion. I'd highly recommend him for graphic and web design, and will definitely be using him again!

Derrick McKee










Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to get a hold of you?
The quickest and best way is always by telephone.

Do you charge by the job or by the hour?
It depends on the situation and what the client is most comfortable with. We always do our best to give our customers an honest "project estimate" that is based on the amount of hours we imagine the project will take.

What is your pricing?
$45/hr for logo and print design, $90/hr for web design and development.We don't want to say this is negotiable, but it's negotiable. :]

What other costs are there for a website?
One thing most newcomers to the world wide web don't fully understand is the concept of paying for a website and then paying for domain name registration and web hosting, or vice versa. Web design and web hosting are two different things, and I like to use this example to help people understand it: Imagine you get a new car, say a 2011 Camaro SS. This shiny new Camaro is your website. Now, you need to register your new Camaro and get a license plate for it so it can be identified (this is your domain name). And once you get that your plates you need a garage to keep your Camaro in (your hosting).

So how do I get a .com?
You have to register a domain name (.com, .net, .org, etc.) through a registrar. We can assist you with this process.

Is the domain name and hosting included in your web design pricing?
Domain registration and hosting are not included in the price of design. However, we do offer our clients a domain and hosting package for $200/year. This package includes registration of your unique domain name plus web hosting with unlimited storage and 5 email addresses (additional email addresses available at $6/address). It is billed to your company annually through Mint Design.

Do you work with only local clientele?
Not at all. We have clients all over the place. That's the great thing about the web, we could be (and hopefully someday will be) doing this from a beach house in Belize!

Do you print promotional items such as shirts, coozies, etc.?
Yes. Through our partnership with Golf to Gulf Specialty Company we are able to provide high quality promotional items at affordable prices. Let us know what you're looking for and we can probably find something to suit.

How long until you think your daughter begins terrorizing your cat?
Oh, she's begun. Mya is a pretty good sport about it though.

How many revisions do we get?
Of course it depends on the project, but 3 is typical.

Do you use flash?
No. If you want your brand new website to not display on the 2 most popular web devices of all time (the iPad and iPhone), have it designed in Flash...

Will you come to our location to take photographs for our website?
Of course. Photography rates are $60/hr + travel costs (if applicable)

How do you accept payment?
Cash or check made payable to Mint Design.

When can you start?
Tomorrow. Maybe even today.










Office Phone:

Bryan: 239-595-3814
Justi: 239-961-0043